Sr. No Title Journal Year;Vol; Issue: Page No Author DOI
1 Semecarpus anacardium Linn: An Ethnomedical, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Review. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (IJPSR) 2023;14;3:538-546 Dr. Sachin M. Hiradeve 10.13040/IJPSR.0975-8232.14(2).538-46
2 A Review on Anthracycline Induced Cardiotoxicity- A Mechanism-based Approach. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International. 2022;34;7B:19-25 Dr. Sachin M. Hiradeve 10.9734/jpri/2022/v34i7B35468
3 Pharmacological assessment of antiulcer activity of Gloriosa Superba linn tubers in experimentally induced gastric ulcers Jour. of Med. P’ceutical & Alli. Sci. 2021;10-I 3;1164:2852-2856 Dr. Sachin M. Hiradeve 10.22270/jmpas.V10I3.1164
4 Influence of lornoxicam on hypoglycemic potential of some oral hypoglycemic agents in normal and diabetic rats Int J Pharm Sci & Res 2022;13(1): 302-308. Dr. Sachin M. Hiradeve 10.13040/IJPSR.0975-8232.13(1)
5 Comparative assessment of solubility enhancement of itraconazole by solid dispersion and co-crystallization technique: Investigation of simultaneous effect of media composition on drug dissolution Annales Pharmaceutiques Francaises Vol: 81, Issue:5, page No.:843-855 Mr. Gaurav Ramesh Karodadeo, Dr. Sachin Hiradeve, Dr. Nilesh Rarokar, Ms. Kusum R. Rajbhar 10.1016/j.pharma.2023.05.004
6 Development and Characterization of Pentaerthritol- EudragitRS100 Co-processed Expients as Solid Dispersion Carriers for Enhanced Aqueos Solubility, In Vitro Dissolution, and Ex Vivo Permeation of Atorvastatins ACS Omega 8 (28); 25195-25208 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1021/acsomega.3c02280
7 Clinical Use of COX-2 Inhibitors containing Quinoline Heterocycle as a Selective Therapeutic Agents for Complementary Medicine Clinical Complementary Medicine and Pharmacology 3 (3), 100102 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1016/j.ccmp.2023.100102
8 Eco synthesized chitosan/Zinc oxide nanocomposites as the next generation of nano-delivery for antibacterial, antioxidant,antidiabetic potential, and chronic wound repair International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 242, 124764 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2023.124764.
9 In- silico Studies, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Novel Pyrimidine Scaffold Letter in drug design & discovery 20 (10), 1621-1631 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.2174/1570180819666220523090351
10 New Benzopyrrole Derivatives: Synthesis and Appraisal of Their Potential as Antimicrobial Agents Chemistry and Biodiversity 20 (7), e202300394 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1002/cbdv.202300394
11 Pteroyl-γ-l-glutamate/Pluronic® F68 modified polymeric micelles loaded with docetaxel for targeted delivery and reduced toxicity Journal of Molecular Liquids 369, 120842 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1016/j.molliq.2022.120842
12 Biogenic and biomimetic functionalized magnetic nanosystem: Synthesis, properties, and biomedical application Hybrid Advances 73, 103444 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1016/j.hybadv.2023.100038
13 Application of Nanophytomedicine for the Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders (Chapter18) Phytochemical Drug Discovery for Central Nervous System Disorders: Biochemistry and Therapeutic Effects 413-430 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1002/9781119794127.ch18
14 Preparation and formula optimization of cephalexin loaded transferosomal gel by QbD to enhance the transdermal delivery: In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo study Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 89; 104968 Dr. Nilesh Rarokar 10.1016/j.jddst.2023.104968
15 Microspheres as a unique drug carrier for control drug delivery:A Review Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics VOL.17,Issue.3,Page No. 367-374 Ms. Krutika Meshram
16 Development and Validation of RP - HPLC Method for Estimation of A Multidrug Marketed Formulation International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) 2023 volume 12 issue 3 590-596 Mrs Damini Amol Jaiswal
17 Semecarpus anacardium Linn: An Ethnomedical, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Review. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (IJPSR) 2023;14;3:538-546 Mr. Abhinav G. Bais 10.13040/IJPSR.0975-8232.14(2).538-46
18 A REVIEW ON PRECLINICAL PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH: PRINCIPAL AND COMMON ROUTES OF ADMINISTRATION IN SMALL RODENTS International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (IJPSR) 2023; Vol. 14(3): 1076-1097. Mr. Abhinav G. Bais DOI link:
19 "Phytopharmacological Perspectives of Tinospora cordifolia Chemical Constituents and Medicinal Properties" International Journal of Pharmacognosy & Chinese Medicine 2022, 6(2): 000235. Mr. Abhinav G. Bais 10.23880/ipcm-16000235

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